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Guidelines For Creating Your Monogram

Your monogram is a personal expression of your style as an individual or couple. Are you formal or casual?  Traditional  or innovative?

The rules of monogram composition change with the times, feel free to create yours to reflect your taste.

          Traditionally babies and small children did not have monograms. Items for little ones are often personalized with a single First Name initial or a Name. Once they are able to recognize letters many children love to have something made “just for them”.

            Monograms for women are commonly created by flanking a larger Last Name initial with the First Name initial to the left, the Middle Name initial to the right.

Anne Elizabeth Jenkins    

Men position their initials left to right, First Middle Last, all one size

Carl Robert Smith              

A 2 letter monogram is appropriate for someone without a middle name.

            For a married couple with one last name the bride’s First Name initial is to the left followed by the larger Last Name initial, then the groom’s First Name initial.

Anne & Carl Smith             

When the couple uses both last names the Last Name initials are larger, with or without a hyphen.

                                          Anne Jenkins & Carl Smith        

Table linens are generally monogrammed with a single initial or non-hyphenated dual initials.

            Now the fun begins- you can create your own rules: stack the smaller initials to the right or left of or above or below the Last Name initial. Arrange the letters to form a new shape or incorporate symbols or graphics that express an interest.

            Your monogram is personal, make it yours!